Complete line for tomato production

Complete design, construction and technical assistance for the production of tomato pulp.
We provide our 20-year experience in designing new lines or modifying and converting existing lines.

Our experience at your service

  • We provide our in-depth experience for the layout of new lines for the production of unpeeled tomato pulp.   
  • We offer our technical solutions to convert old production lines of tomato derivatives.
  • We can work together to define guidelines for the production of pulps, fine pulps and tomato pulp sauces.         
  • We perform the line supervision and we manage data collection for the automatic management of costs and traceability (Industry 4.0).

Line end

Pick & Place systems with FANUC anthropomorphic robots for the palletization and depalletization of tin plate cans, glass bottles/jars and flexible pouches. In order to complete our pasteurizing and/or cooling systems (Idrostatico, Helix and Tunnel) we can provide all conveying and handling systems for the treated products.